Kent Finlay, Dreamer - The Musical Legacy behind Cheatham Street Warehouse

from Eight 30 Records


Kent Finlay’s skyrocketed aspiring artists for four decades now. You know the names: George Strait. Stevie Ray Vaughan. Todd Snider. James McMurtry. Eric Johnson. The list literally goes on forever. Each songwriter’s an unmatched talent with one common thread: Finlay launched their careers from the stage at his legendary Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, Texas. Finlay’s simply the most respected lyrical editor and talent scouter in Texas – not to mention a singular songwriter himself.

"I hope you enjoy reading the story of my friend Kent Finlay. He was a huge part of my early career, and I'm sure it was destiny that we met. We played together, tried to write together, had more than a few beers together and just plain had a lot of fun together. His part of Texas music history is huge. He and his great little honky tonk with indoor toilets gave me and a whole host of others a place to learn our craft and to learn how to be, sing and play music on stage. Thanks, Kent, for believing in the up-and-coming Ace in the Hole Band with a totally unknown singer who had big dreams and for helping make those dreams a reality. I'll never forget those days. Thank you, my friend. You are The Man."
– George Strait, July 2014

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